Dr. Catherine Wilkins protects USF sexual harassers.

USF’s Dr. Catherine Wilkins blocks abuse reports about herself and others, covers up charity fraud and sexual harassment — to protect careers and reputations at USF.

Does it mean students can cheat and lie, too, because their Assistant Dean of USF Judy Genshaft Honors College also cheats and lies?

Dr. “XXXMzCatXXX” Wilkins of USF redefines “A lover in every port!” Including the USF library and other locations where Wilkins conducted cheating sex affairs!

USF Supervisor and Director David Brodosi sends sex stories and pornography to another man’s fiancé and a female employee under his supervision, then seduces and has secret cheating sex affair with her. Brodosi uses his USF work email, USF work time, USF work resources, and USF position of power to sexually harass female employee. Then conspires a coverup to protect his career. Continues sexually harassing at USF.

Dr. Catherine Josephine Wilkins reads this male supervisor at USF sex stories as he masturbates to her voice.

Male USF supervisor fills female USF employee’s message box with requests for sexual “BOOTY CALLS.”

Dr. Wilkins later claims the same USF supervisor raped her, possibly to coverup her own adulterous and cheating sexual actions.

Dr. Catherine WIlkins protects USF sexual harassers at the the supervisor / director / professor level.

Dr. “XXXMzCatXXX” Wilkins lies for USF sexual harassers, blocks abuse reports, creates false alibis, deletes evidence, and conceals evidence to protect the careers of USF sexual harassers and hide her own involvement. (Asst. Dean of USF JUDY GENSHAFT COLLEGE)

Dr. Catherine Wilkins spends years trying to cheat charities, art museums, and other universities by filing applications filled with falsified statements.

This is not fair to Honors Students.

This is not fair to the academic system.

Cheaters like Dr. Catherine Wilkins give honor colleges and school administrators a bad reputation by her dishonest real-life example.

This is not fair to USF students, and is dangerous.