“Terasa Nicole” Vaughan Missouri

“Terasa Nicole” Vaughan — Branson West, Missouri

This homewrecking convicted felon whore is a nasty piece of drug addled trash that will screw over anybody to get her way. She pursued my husband knowing he’d been married for 14 years with two children at home. I found messages between her and my husband. When I confronted her about it, she told me that she never crossed any boundaries and that my husband had been fighting for his marriage as long as she’s known him. The very next day, she has sex with him. He came home crying and begging for forgiveness and told me they had sex and that it was disgusting and begged me to go to counseling. I had been trying to get him to go to counseling for mental problems he was having before I found out about their affair. Obviously they’re both disgusting, but she continued to pursue him, trying to get him to come pick her up and sending messages saying she loves him. He has to get a new phone to get away from her messages. After going all Fatal Attraction on him didn’t work, she harassed me with screaming, vulgar messages..which I ignored because karma will get her. I’m just here to help.