Cheaters Steven Wayne Porter of

Steven Wayne Porter of – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Steven Wayne Porter is a diagnosed bipolar, narcissistic sociopath who is financially broke and lives with his mother in Glenpool. He cheated on both of his wives & is not a good father to his kids. He is a player who goes on dating sites such as Match (uses the names Steven or Evan) and the screenname Slow_Hands on Zoosk. He also frequents bars in Tulsa such as the Elephant Run.

If you see him up there or online STAY AWAY FROM HIM. He will lie to women to try to get sex when he has an STD. He has a violent temper with serious anger issues and has been physically abusive to women in the past. He blames every problem he has on other people and takes no responsibility for his actions. Do not be fooled by him. He wants you to think he is a victim but he is NOT!