Canada Stephaine Donofrio

Stephaine Donofrio — Surrey, Canada

I could go on forever as to why this bummy a55, Fake a55, her whole life a motherfukin act a55 is the biggest b1tch you’ll meet on the face of this earth but ain’t nobody got time for that. So ima keep it real and simple. This b1tch STEPHANIE DONOFRIO is the biggest a55 licking b1tch who will do everything and anything to go up the McDonalds chain lmao. She currently is a manager and acts as if the customers are her employees. B1tch your own employees can’t even stand ya crusty musty a55. She acts as if she’s some big time CEO. B1tch sit your drug addict a55 down before you really get exposed. She’s a classic drug addict and such a good manipulator she comes to work high af ALL the time and acts as if she’s doing such a great job. You do nothing but belittle your employees, yell at them and honestly everyone who’s worked with you can say that you’re single handedly the worst person to work with or to have as a manger figure. Everyone knows you don’t care about your job as much as you like to pretend and lie u do. You yell at customers and not to mention you ALWAYS think you’re right. Your a manager at McDonalds and have been for the last decade of your life that’s nothing to be proud of sweetie. This b1tch fr needs to be fired by head office because she is doing nothing but bringing down the sales revenue and you people are losing customers because of this narasstic high bag. Like I said before the list is forever on going but this should do for now.