Cheaters Stefanny Carmen Lopez

Stefanny Carmen Lopez — Denver, Colorado

This highly unattractive girl was always jealous of other people since her life is so miserable. She used to work as an area supervisor with my now ex fiancé who was a manager. She met my son and I before and had also seen me around when I was pregnant with my second child. Her and my ex began an affair a little before I had my baby.

I have severe depression and anxiety so things between us weren’t going very well. She knew this and began to initiate the affair and send my ex filthy pictures. He went to go take her out on lunch instead of being here for me and his kids knowing I have post partum depression. When I found out I told her boyfriend and Stefanny texted my BF to come up with a lie and told him to say that he sent himself the pictures so she wouldn’t get in trouble and that idiot did what she said.

Her BF Tyrone believed their lies even though I also have a screen shot from her number and my ex trying to come up with lies. Once she got what she wanted out of him, she stopped talking to him and he came crawling back to me. So she manipulated him into saving her relationship while he messed ours up forever. She clearly gets some type of joy and tries to find self worth by being a little home wrecker. Beware of this fake two faced little slag.