Cheaters Stay away from Susan Palmer Masse

Stay away from Susan Palmer Masse – New York

This is the definition of a fatal attraction. Also the definition of a psycho path. She reels you in with being nice, helpful, caring and giving. Then She slowly works behind your back. Googling phone numbers from your call log. Logging everyone you talk to. But while she is doing that, she wants to have her cake and eat it too. She goes on single sites to get more people to be with. She just likes the attention of men. She was supposedly with me, but my son finds her pictures on Plenty of Fish. Then she starts seeing multiple people behind my back, figuring, well he is in another state. He will never know. But yet she is possessive as possessive comes. She wants to know where you are at every moment. If you happen to go out with friends, she accuses you of having a date. This is truly a sick woman. After she had a 10 month affair with someone, she changed her story multiple times. It was a friendship, then it was a Friends with benefits. Then it was just friends again. She is a liar and a drunk. When I found out for sure she cheated and the cat was let out of the bag, was the night she got arrested for a DWI. At that point, while she was in a jail cell, I talked to the person she cheated with and he filled me in on what a w**** she is. And as he said, he wasn’t the only one he was tapping. Nice huh? So after a period of time with her trying to make it up to me. She started with her possessive nature again. She likes to use threats to get her way. She’s a female bully. If you try to break up with her it gets even worse. I started to see another woman after I broke up with her and she told me, “How dare you? It is too soon for you to see another person, when we have not even healed yet.” She then proceeded for the next year and a half to keep calling the woman I am currently involved with. She has called my minor children to discredit me and the woman I am currently involved with. She has called my ex wife and ex mother in law. Lied to the both of them. It goes on and on and on. I am letting you know this to save you from the pain that has been caused to me. She can not be trusted in any way shape or form. She will ask one question after another after another and another. She gathers all the information she can from you acting like she cares, but she is just using all that information to manipulate you at a later date. She has bought throw away phones and called people who were my friends to get info out of. She is a sick person. I am warning you about this person, because it is true and I can write a book. Don’t let her tell you, that this is all sour grapes, or I am mad trying to get even with her. It is 100% true that this woman is trouble. She will come off as a victim, When in reality she is pushy, manipulative, threatening and a very angry person, with a huge temper problem. A leopard does not change their spots. This is who she is, she does not have the compacity to change because she justifies everything she does. You have been warned. Buyer Beware! Don’t complain when this happens to you. Because it will. Hard to have a relationship with someone you can not trust at all.