Cheaters Stajka Pantovic

Stajka Pantovic — Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

Ok where should I began. This lady Stajka Pantovic is a person people like because she appears to have it together and she appears to be a classy women but she definitely is garbage. I should have known she was no good by the way we hooked up. Her and I are citizens of Serbia I am also a citizen of the U.S. I am an owner, operater, contractor, for Fed Ex. I own my own business house in San Marcos etc. So she knows I’m well off and married.

Ok so her and I know a mutual person (one of my drivers shhh) that she was dating at one time and so one year I go home to visit my mother. She invites me over, when I get there she is naked, only wearing a robe. She explained to me how this mutual person we know was only good for money and how she was embarrassed of him and did not want to take him around her circle. She told me that he was in love with her, took her for vacations, gave her money etc. but he was not good for anything else. That should of been a red flag, ok so we had sex… she was willing to let me do her any way I wanted too, that should of been another red flag… ok, so I continued to talk to her and I have been back twice. Well this last time which was recent, I’m coming from the U.S. and I get to her place and I know she is there because her vehicle is there but she does not answer the door. I decide to wait around the corner and message her that I left and will see if I could go back by before I leave back to U.S. So she thinks I left, but I DID NOT… what happens she comes out 30 min later in a robe probably naked hugging and kissing this man that I know as well, and what does this women do… call me and tell me she was asleep when in fact I watched everything from outside of her place. She is a liar, a user and a manipulator. She told me how she had never had a man make her orgasm like I had, how she loved my soul… filled my head with lies so I’m letting all u men out there and women watch your self. Women watch your man…