Cheaters Stafford Sylvester Harrison

Stafford Sylvester Harrison – North Carolina

Stafford Sylvester Harrison of Chapel Hill, NC is a big fat lying cheater! He has not only 1 ho, but 5!!! Yes, you read that right 5.
1) Angel (Vasser) Marean of Graham, NC who is married to Michael Marean and has 2 kids with him.
2) Cassie (Mansfield) Bullock of Carrboro, NC who is married to Steven Bullock. Has 3 kids.
3) Tuesday Jackson of Durham NC. His ex-wife. Mother of his 3 children.
4) Towainia Hampton of Durham, NC. Has 2 kids, and been to jail 4 times.
5) Raven Gibbs of Chapel Hill, NC. Former co-worker. Aspiring dancer/choreographer.