California Stacy Carreon

Stacy Carreon — Buena Park, California

In August of this year this female learned my husband went back to his old store and was a manager…sent a friend request… thinking nothing of it just a pregnant coworker with 3 kids he accepted… Little by little she started running the I wish I had a man like you. She is well aware we are married. I took it upon myself to send her a friendly hey unless it’s about work don’t message my husband again. Well I guess I was naive. She began to constantly send messages…hmm depression I thought, after her child was born she sent him an invitation to go o a co-workers funeral…again I sent the stop immideatly…but no answer. I hate the women who try to break up a family but have no balls to answer the wife. So I blew up her Facebook page with my phone number and said call _____ wife Well she didn’t like it one bit and went off on MY HUSBAND…I was like oh wow…so I went along with the emails and she began bashing me…I don’t even know her but she thought it was my husband responding…until I couldn’t take it no more and I gave her a mouth full, she then started attacking my children and saying your husband like them want nothing to do with you, well you see I have two over 18 year olds who are in college…so yes they don’t communicate with me much…they are both out of state…but to say my husband, little does she know after 7years we are all over each other till this day and the only arguing we have are about women who see how our marriage is and decide to try and take him from me, we’ll get in line little girl. She’s 22 with 4kids one not even a month old…what my husband and I have … can’t be stolen…we have a chemistry…that unless your a cabin copy of me it will never work.. u can’t be happy Making another life miserable. Well anyways so he told her to basically shut the f**k up and no disrespects his wife…and this chick had the balls to have some aunt of hers call and threatened me with a lawsuit…we as I told her get the story right… Your 22yo niece has been coming after my 41 yo husband…and before you keep going..make sure there is no proof of alianation of affection.. Because here in California I can sue her for that and defamation of character…this child sent me a page long email basically stating I am going back to work with your husband soon and we shall see from then on… that’s a threat…just Becareful who messages your husband or boyfriend…if the bell rings in your head stop it before the chick get bat shit crazy thinking…he will marry me…and leave her And no my husband did not cross the line and came to me immediately after getting the wires messages… Hope she gets the help for her post partum depression…. elsewhere.