Alabama Stacey L. Horton

Stacey L. Horton — Decatur, Alabama

This women Stacey L Horton (Davis) had an affair with my husband, my husband is a SGT with the police department and at the time she was a 911 dispatcher. She too was married and had two children and her oldest stay and lived with her step dad because her mother was so horrible, her husband divorced her(he didn’t know about the affair). She would beg for money because they had no groceries bit kept her nails and stuff done. I don’t know what kind of woman she is suppose to be. Every time my husband would try to end it with her she would threaten to kill herself, so he “felt bad”… Whatever…. Once I found out he stopped seeing her, however while see was seeing him she was also seeing 2other police officers and a county Deputy.

She is now engaged to one of the other officers, bless him. After the affair ended she started texting me, my daughter, my son and of course my husband. They would all come from texting apps, even so far as to email me and tell me to kill myself. She then started to stalk me…. Needless to say she is a classic case of psychotic!!!!! Finally she lost her job as a dispatcher. She still text me and tries to get me all upset, not going to lie it works sometimes, but I ignore her. She is a pathetic excuse for a person, a woman, and a mother.