Canada Stacey Booth

Stacey Booth — Edmonton, Canada

This drug addicted hoe thinks she is the hottest thing around,She has been sellin her azz for over 10 yrs and the yrs were hard on her.All the pepsi and other drugs with full time drinking.. it has aged her beyond her years.Not only is she over priced and judgemental, she fuks over her friends if she doesn’t get what she wants.She has ruined a cple guys reputations from false accusations and has tried to extort money from guys with threats of telling their friends and families of infidelities and lies.She cries she has no money and lives in a house thats paid for…tries to scam any way she can. She has severe mental problems that arise from drug and booze and it is evident she is on a shear drop to the bottom.Buyer beware with this one,I feel sorry for all the guys that she fuked over.