California Spouse Infidelity

Spouse Infidelity – California

I have more than reasonable suspicions that my spouse is participating in adult films. While shopping online for her an adult site was the 2nd result in a search. I inadvertently tapped the link while speaking to a coworker, looked at my device and thought well, I don’t really watch adult films and selected it without a second thought. While speaking back and forth I used the fast forward button to run through the video fairly quickly. When I stopped fast forwarding at no planned stopping point I was stunned, it was my spouse. I gathered my thoughts and decided I would find another adult site, type in the description of the video in that search and if nothing appeared I would forget about it and move on. When the search began loading results it confirmed that indeed she had been.

Marriage of 12 years, the videos were dated 2011, we married in 2007. I loved this woman with all I had, you can imagine the kick in the gut when I saw that. This also may sound odd after saying I don’t like adult videos but something kept pushing me to look more. And found plenty more, all the way up to this month. Now here’s the issue- the person filming these films never show the full face, use lighting and I’m pretty sure they either use makeup and/or video editing to mask the real identity of the female that doesn’t want to be recognized. Being married 12 years I know without a doubt what her body looks like and I know it is her, she knows it’s her and flatly denies it. This relationship is dead and over, nothing can ever be done to move on and divorce is next based on what was discovered on those films. If you or someone you know is well experienced with video editing, shooting adult films or has in the past (Behind the camera), and the tricks of the trade to positively without a doubt identify spouse and end this marriage quickly and painlessly (for me at least).

Anyone who does assist in positively identifying spouse will not be named, mentioned and held harmless without mention, cash donation will be given. If a person chooses to participate in those kinds of activity that is their choice and I don’t judge…. but don’t put on the act of a wife in the presence of a husband and the public, and when he is away from home providing for his family do the things that I found while not looking. Any help will be greatly appreciated.