Cheaters Soraya Lafontaine

Soraya Lafontaine — Miami, Florida

Open letter to the harlot who got into my marriage. First of all I blame you both, let’s get that out of the way. But I blame you more – I’m angry with him, I’m hurt by his actions and I’m heart broken for my children and I that he used you as a weapon against us in a fragile time. My husband and I aren’t perfect. At all. We have ups and downs, we fight and we love. Lately since he left the Army, it’s like all we do is argue. I think we have fought more than we’ve hugged, kissed or been intimate in years. It’s just like every single road block has been placed into our path and we drew battle lines. You caught us in that time. I’m shattered from his choices, shattered and truly there are no words to express how much pain I feel in the depths of my soul from his betrayal. I hurt for myself. For my children. For our families. For my marriage. My husband has checked out, as my mother calls it. He checked out on our marriage and our children, apparently temporarily for you. Which kills me because I personally think I’m a nice person – intelligent, kind, funny and social. Im not Jennifer Aniston, but I’m worth loving and I deserve to have my marriage respected. Marriages are sacred. You came back into his life as a “friend” I see you have a child of your own, you’re married and I know that if you were me – you would be devastated. What the funny part was of this entire situation is he asked me to “be your friend” and we would “get along.”, also that we’re “a lot alike” which I find as a huge insult. Because I would never get in between a marriage and children. Not like you did – I tried for weeks to believe him until we had our blow out fight. He kept reassuring me over and over again, that you were nothing more but a good friend. Good meaning, you confessing you’ve loved him for 8 years? Good, like you didn’t want to be a “one night stand” and you were coming all the way to Oregon from Florida to see him. Good like you said you wouldn’t “pressure him BUT you were coming all this way for him” even though he told you, he was trying to work out OUR marriage and he wasn’t looking to replace me. But trying to find happiness again? Good like sending him pictures on discord? Snapchats? That sounds like an affair. Not friendship. You’re both at fault. However your reaction when I confronted you, made me hate you more. When I said we have children, you told me I was crazy and you weren’t involved. When I said how could you do this to my family? You said you didn’t and I needed to speak with him, that you weren’t involved. For some reason you needed to repeat several times how you weren’t. You were involved. Your selfishness, his selfishness – caused harm on me. Which affects my children and our families. You didn’t just hurt one person you hurt dozens of people, people who didn’t deserve it. I didn’t deserve this. My two little girls, didn’t deserve it. And if this were you, you wouldn’t either. You see – you are absolutely involved, you placed yourself into our marriage and into our family. So yes, bitch. You’re very much so “involved” I don’t know if your marriage is unhappy and you’re looking for someone new to fill your void. If so, my husband probably isn’t the one for you. You don’t know him, you’ve known him online, you know his voice and you may know stupid random facts about his life. But you don’t know him. You’ve talked off and on as “friends” since we were dating, I never felt threatened by you until a month ago. The way you laughed around him, the way you spoke and how you carried yourself, how you made your flirtations known and I sat their silently watching – waiting to see what kind of person you were. Waiting to see what kind of man he was. Hoping, my husband would make the right decision and you would stop crossing the boundary. You don’t know anything about him to love him. It’s like when a fan girl says she loves Justin Beiber, she doesn’t KNOW Justin Beiber. She just likes the persona he takes on, you don’t know my husband – you like the act he puts on. He wakes up at night from nightmares. You don’t know he can’t walk into a grocery store or sit at his five year olds play without having a panic attack or needing to hold my hand for a sense of calm. You don’t know he hates the sponge being left in the sink. Or that he’s afraid of sleeping. That he struggles daily with depression, anxiety and PTSD. You don’t know that all three of those things cause him to be withdrawn, distant, angry, sad and block me out. You don’t know he is HORRIBLE about discussing his emotions. He’s not very good at money. We have debt. You don’t know he’s not an animal person (I see you have animals) You don’t know he games day/night to suppress his depression and rarely spends time with our children or I since he left the Army. You don’t know he’s constantly leaving laundry on the floor. That if he’s mad enough he’ll call you stupid or tell you to shut up. You only know what you hear on vent. My husband is not your magical Prince Charming, because life isn’t a fairy tale and Prince Charming doesn’t exist. My husband would run you off in a week, but he won’t run me. I know the man I fell in love with and I know the man I love today. All his imperfections are beautiful to me, so if you’re looking for love. Find it elsewhere, the man you have “loved for 8 years” is not available nor does he exist and I’m trying desperately to mend our marriage because he’s MINE and he’s my children’s. My children have suffered enough moves, a deployment, training, enough conflict that they will not lose their father to some backstabbing slutty whore from Florida. You gave it a shot though. ??