Canada Sophia Apostol

Sophia Apostol — Toronto, Canada

Meet Sophia Apostol. Twice divorced and going for a record number of broken marriages per pound. Sophia calls herself a fat advocate and runs a course on “DATING AT ANY SIZE” Yes, you too can ruin your marriage and others by sliding under married men and cheating on your husband. If he finds out, that’s A-OKAY. You can totally forget that you got lucky that anyone at all married your selfish, self absorbed, pretentious, narcissistic, gluttonous, lard laden ass in the first place. There’s plenty more cucks in the sea. Loving faithful husbands are a dime a dozen, right? Seriously ladies, don’t let this near any man you care about, whether he’s your husband, boyfriend, brother, friend or anyone you care about. Sophia Apostol is a self serving selfish bitch and not a role model for anyone, unless you actually want to be a morbidly obese homewrecker. She once fooled me into thinking she was a decent human being. Don’t let her fool you.