Cheaters Sonia Vega

Sonia Vega – Chicago, Illinois

So this chick met a guy and within minutes got in his truck and went to a hotel and she cheated on her husband and has 3 kids. She fuked 4 other guys shes been talking to at work and they all laugh at her because all they do is show her some attention then shes giving them head on their lunchbreaks. She works at Suncast Inc on Kirk rd. and lives in Aurora. Shes a super easy lay but flat chested and I was told her pu55y is loose and shes a lame fuk. These pictures are from her facebook and she always says she hates having to come home when her kids are home, that they take up her time and she wish she wouldnt of had them when she was young so she could be ‘more free’. If you get this girl a lime monaco, shes a gonna go. If anyone knows her poor husband please give him the update.