Cheaters Socorro Lovett

Socorro Lovett — Tishomingo, Oklahoma

Meet Socorro Lovett. She makes her home in Tishomingo, Ok and thinks she’s got something special. She’s a wife and mother, which should mean something to her, but she is a sick predator. Socorro has been cheating and preying on MARRIED and UNAVAILABLE men for years. Years as in at least 2 decades and apparently, she’s not a quitter! Socorro loves to throw herself and her junk at these men without any invite or encouragement. She’s ready and willing to spread ’em far and wide. Even got caught down the road with her “cousin” so the possibilities are endless. Socorro’s evidently not a limitless person so I’m sure she gets around Oklahoma and beyond! It’s also disgusting and warped that she wants to bang her husband’s and son’s friends! Ladies avoid her like the plague and make sure your men don’t have pictures of her swamp twat and other unmentionables. It’s scary that she has no boundaries, warn your son’s!