Cheaters Slohman

Slohman – Pennsylvania

Handsome guy… We met on and started seriously talking, dating shortly afterwards. I thought he was nice and seemed very normal. We dated for a long time, but I noticed early on he had some issues. He dropped the L word super quickly…. for starters.

I eventually found tampon wrappers in his trash can and found out he was still talking to women online and lying/going behind my back. He made up excuses and lied about his friends, going places etc…. There were warning signs beforehand that I ignored so I just want the next woman to beware!! He put on a good show for me, but he lied so many times that it eventually caught up with him. Even when I caught him he continued to lie about everything. He said he deleted his dating profile when he really just blocked me from viewing it. If he had his choice, he would have his cake and eat it to. Beware.