Canada Skyler White

Skyler White – Ontario, Canada

Skyler Ivy maiden name King married name White – Skyler White – is an abusive cheater. She cheats on her husband with multiple people including her ex boyfriend and her husbands brother. She threatens him if he leaves her she won’t let him see their son. Poor guy already has one child from another mother he barely sees. She is from Stratford Ontario, currently living in St. Mary’s, moving to the st Mary’s church of Warwick when her husband finishes renovations. The community should be warned of her evil and she shouldn’t be allowed to live in the house of god with her irreligious practices

Arkansas Skyler White

Skyler White — Rector, Arkansas

She likes to con married women into sleeping with her and her husband so she can take photos for blackmail and wreck good people’s homes. The closer to God you are, the more she will try to tear you apart. She is a horrid, devious beast with no morals or respect for others and their families.