Cheaters Skyler Duvall

Skyler Duvall — Denver, Colorado

I know that doing this is a little childish, but I am so fed up with this woman. It’s gotten to the point where I have to file a restraining order against her. She has tried contacting my husband more than multiple times and has contacted my friends and family more than several times trying to turn my family against me in her messages to them. Then she stated that she was trying to look up where my husband lives to contact him. Mind you that she knows he’s married and that he has two kids. She clearly states that she does not care what happens to me. She was a former heroin addict with huge addiction problems and her problems go deeper than what she shows on the surface. Anyone who comes in contact with her be very careful. She currently goes back and forth from California to Denver Colorado. Her name is Skyler Duvall.