Cheaters Skank Ex Boyfriend and w**** Baby Mama

Skank Ex Boyfriend and w**** Baby Mama – Georgia

Screenshots were taken of this conversation to show how low down and dirty a person can be. The owner of these gets a call early in the morning from her ex who clearly can’t get over her threatening her and asking why did she talk to his baby mom ? Well, for one you’re a hoe dude and you can’t keep your small d*** out of your pants. You f****** with a big b**** who claims she wanna fight your ex when y’all baby drop. Haha!! Can you guys not be a more perfect couple for each other? His baby mom is mad because her so called man still want his ex. Well, if you ask me…. They’re both trifling anyway. He had something good but he cheated on her for this monkey b****. Here’s the screenshots.