Cheaters Silvia Cetulean

Silvia Cetulean — Chisinau, Maldova

This life is full of temptation especially when half naked women are displaying themselves like a cheap dolls. This one here is one of them, what I have found out a few days ago was a file full of naked pictures and videos (of the above girl) basically she was performing for my man. From the messages I found on Telegram seems that they never met but she was eager to met him! I don’t blame my man as they do watch porno anyways in our days but I guess its a great feeling to have a silly 23-24 years old girl penetrating herself wildly with a dildo in 3 ways – its fun like having your own DIRTY PORNO STAR. I decided to do the girl a favor by making this public as this might help her porno star career grow. At the end of the day life goes on but this will stay with her for the rest of her life as I will send the message to all her Social Media friends/relatives ect. (I have quite a few people to text lol) P.S don’t f*ck about with my man!