Canada Shirelle

Shirelle – Saskatoon, Canada

This broad begged me for money! I added her on facebook and actually tried to get to know her, she never responded to me until she literally asked if she could borrow money from me. I’ve never met this chick in my life. I told her I would give her money, then she sent me naked pics of her. That’s how hurt bag she is. I deleted the pics cuz I’m sure she’s sent them to about 10 other guys but yuck. Get a job girl. She has kids yet she begs people for money. She tells me that she’s super horny and has sex everywhere. Grow up chick, you got kids to look after. You look like a joke. I sent all the screenshots to her mom and dad and told them to take her kids away since she can’t even afford smokes plus begging guys for money and sending nudes. Her kids should not be exposed to that. What an embarrassment to them if they ever found out.