Cheaters Shina

Shina, the bumbling Baton Rouge diseased – Louisiana

This psycho bumbling w**** cheated on my friend who took in her and her ugly rude daughter! He married her about 6 years ago and all she did was try to control him and take all of his money! I should have known she’d be trouble when the wedding was a fiasco!! Then over the years she fakes being crazy and having “seizures” to get him to stay every time he wants to leave! I met her once and she smells like old fish! Charles told me the reason she smells like that is because she didn’t take a bath unless he pesters her. Sad I know! Did I mention how she cheated on him with a women as well? Yeah she lied to him about being that too! All she does is lie and try her best to get her way! She even has a non-curable std(so now that fish smell is worst my friend told me!) I hate how she destroyed my friend’s confidence and his willingness to trust women! Thank god he divorced her and is with someone(not me lol) who treats him like a man and smells great.