Arizona Sherwood Cornforth

Sherwood Cornforth – AKA Tom Tillman – Peoria, Arizona

Sherwood Cornforth a.k.a. Tom Tillman is the most likeable and charming person I have ever met. So don’t let his charm fool you. Without getting into the details of what happened, let’s just say I could write a movie about it. He has all the traits of a high functioning sociopath (antisocial disorder). He’s a cheat and a VERY GOOD liar and will go to extremes to cover up his lies. He tends to like younger women and he preys on their vulnerabilities to rope them in. Even claims he wants to “find the one” and get married some day however, he has more than one at all times.

The series “You” on Netflix and the Story about Dirty John remind me of him with exception to the murders (who knows, crazy people are capable of anything) – no friends, very charming, everyone likes him, knows exactly the right things to say and do to make you fall for him and you would NEVER EVER suspect their was such an EVIL side to him but there is and he hides it well.

LADIES WATCH OUT AND BEWARE! He has different party venues at his house which is known as The Volcano Oasis. This is where he meets most of the women he sweeps of their feet with his charm. Don’t let his nerdy side fool you, he is highly intelligent and sociable making him a master manipulator.

If your intuition tells you something is off, trust it!

He goes by Tom at Starbucks and I later discovered that he has a social media profile under Tom Tillman from Flagstaff, AZ studies at NAU lives in Glendale/Peoria AZ