Cheaters Sherri Thomson

Sherri Thomson – Maryland

She is divorced have 11 years old daughter. We met online and we started dating. She lives in North East,Maryland with her parents. Everything was good between us but whenever we met, she demanded money,shopping, fill the gas and dinner. she always used to come with her aunt. She borrowed more then 10 thousand dollers in cash and top of it shopping and fill gas on her car. I felt she is changing for me, she started ignoring me. I always asked if she is talking to someone, she always told she is not talking to anybody. but i had a doubt, she told me she does not have facebook either. One day i found out her facebook and there was a guy on his friend list. when i checked his profile and picture, i saw many pic of them kissing and pics on bed of them. i called her and asked why you did to me she started making excuse and lie. I wested my 2 years and all my time. She always said she does not go anywhere. I trusted her and did everything for her what her parents never did. she destroyed my life. if you want a piece and happy life,stay away from this dirty mind girl. She is a big lair of all.