Cheaters Sherrett Lynn Jones

Sherrett Lynn Jones — Rockfield, Kentucky

Sherrett Jones is not as innocent as she likes to pretend to be. She always plays the Victim and doesn’t like when her skeletons are revealed: let’s start with her cheating on her fiancé and claiming she was raped when he found out. (Let the man into their apartment and all) LOL ? then decides she should talk to another man, and when she realizes that her boyfriend/fiancé isn’t a fool and he decides to start seeing someone else it all becomes his fault. They get back together; and she continues to talk to the other guy. Sends him pictures of herself telling him how much she loves and misses him. Again, her boyfriend finds out and decides he’s had enough. She becomes oh so sorry and writes him a 3 page long apology line of shit. Boyfriend decides to talk to someone else, friends for the most part, she goes through his phone, sees the messages and beats the shit out of him literally while he’s asleep. Leaves several marks on his face; bruises and all. Begs him not to go to work so no one would know, but claims it’s all his fault. Who is really the victim here? She is a narcissist at its finest!! Good job Ms. Jones! ?