California Sherrell Gardner

Sherrell Gardner — Oakland, California

My bf and I took a break from our rocky relationship, but little did I know, he was already talking to this woman who tried her hardest to convince him to leave me. We have two kids together and had been living under the same roof for 3 yrs. Sherrell took advantage of my bf’s situation and he let her. I caught him trying to sneak out late at night coz she was coming to pick him up. Then they went out to dinner at our go to Japanese restaurant. My bf even lied about working OT when they actually went to the movies. I tell you, how can you claim to be in love with each other? The guy just broke up with 3 yr relationship and this slut told him she wants to marry him??? When Sherrell spread out his personal problems, he cut her off and confessed to me that it was his plan all along to get me realize how easy I could lose him if I didn’t take care of the relationship like he did when we started dating. Now we’re back together, moved out of state and have been happier together. But ladies, be careful when you introduce your significant others to this woman. If she’s interested, she’ll shamelessly wreck your relationship.