Cheaters Shelly Truesdell

Shelly Truesdell — Woodstock, Georgia

A dear friend of mine recently found out that in the early stages of her pregnancy, this woman was persuading and talking explicitly to her fiance, and even went as far as to invite him over to her house on my friends birthday, for sex. Going through the messages the woman had known about my friend, who will not be named, and knew that they were in a relationship but pursued anyway, while the whore tries to convey that she had no knowledge of my friends relationship with the man. Whatever. What’s more fucked up to the story is that the woman then proceeded to lie to my friend for months about the relationship, and would go as far as coming over to her house, eating my friends food(which there wasn’t much of because of the financial situation), crashing at her place, using many of her resources, drinking their alcohol, smoking alot of their herb and would even go as far as to bringing her child over even when the man was still in the house. She would flirt with my friends fiance right in front of her, then act like there wasn’t anything going on. So yeah, this thief and liar is to be avoided, unless you dig mentally unstable whores with no eye brows and a receding hairline then totally go for it. Fair warning though, she will eat all your food and smoke all your pot. Have fun with that one.