Cheaters Shelley Drennan

Shelley Drennan — Whitby, Ontario

This girl jumped at a brief separation between myself and my husband. Within weeks she was begging him to move in with her and her DAUGHTER, (who had never even met my husband). She cooked, cleaned, did his laundry, tried to pay his debts and shopped for new clothes for him. Within WEEKS! She framed our sons picture with some cheesy caption about love. (Never met our son either) He never even took her on one real date! She didn’t care. She was soon writing love letters… We reconciled. (what did you think would happen) Instead of just having an ounce of dignity she continued to call. text and plead with him. She just wanted to “talk”. To top it all of, she then goes and cries about it to HIS sister, another person that she has never actually met. Causes all kinds of problems in their relationship and now after all that is still calling. Not only will she jump at anything and do ANYTHING to try to get a man, she just will not go away, no matter how clear it is that she is not wanted.