Cheaters Shelby Sukunda

Shelby Sukunda — Baltimore, Maryland

Shelby Sukunda is the worst… she makes everyone else here look angels. There’s nothing this horrible creature I won’t do. She sleeps with old men while their wives are at home crying. She pretends to be friends with those wives even though they know what’s going on. This chick is nothing but drugs, drama, depression, desperation and disease. She’s a liar and a thief. She tells people she doesn’t have a kid but in fact she has 2 so I don’t know what you call somebody that has two babies born addicted to drugs and then abandon them and then completely deny that it ever happened. Then she claims to be spiritual. Ridiculous, pathetic. Just be careful letting her near anything you care about would it be a material object or a person… this is a complete POS. She doesn’t care about anybody, not even herself she has no self-respect or dignity and she’s a disgrace to the human race. She needs to go back to Baltimore…