California Shelby Moore

Shelby Moore — Bakersfield, California

The father of my 3 beautiful kids and the man I was with for 9 years married for 1 decided it was time for him to start running around sticking his dick in places it didn’t belongAfter he had been caught and confronted numerous times decided he should lay low due to me and the kids and my whole family relocating to Oklahoma. The least I could say about him was he got back here and was gone in less then a week. He went back to live with his step-brothers girlfriend. Which I just found out on my birthday she is expecting her first child with him. Congratulations Shelby you just took the trash out for me. However I’m the one that has to hear my oldest daughter say her daddy traded her in for a new girlfriend and a baby. And to make matters worse he gets paid under the table to keep child support for catching up with him. Have a nice miserable life lames.