Canada Shelby Lindberg

Shelby Lindberg – Vancouver, Canada

this is shelby lindberg, a pig far worse than any i have ever encountered. she is twisted and gets off on other people’s pain and misfortune. she harrassed, bullies, threatens, and sexually abuses service providers and as well she also preys on the weak along the granville strip and flexes her charity handouts (that she gets from her various sugar daddies) to street youth just to acquire cheap sex from the desperate and i could not be more embarassed or disgusted to know someone as sick as on that personal of level. she also just so happens to be one of the friends of the infamous rob rindt aka rawbie aka the cheap and dirty daddy’s boy John who blackmails and stalks sex workers until they give in to bareback and unprotected sexual services. both selby and rob have used the review board perb as a weapon to intimidate these poor girls with their forum status following a threat of writing a bad review and sabotaging a working girls business in minutes. shelby has had hundreds of handles banned for insulting the ladies, harrassing the moderators and just being the worse kind of pig to come across in the industry. please beware of them as their intentions are just as sick as they are. for the love of god, put these punks on blast!