Cheaters Shelbie “Shayne” Kersey

Shelbie “Shayne” Kersey — Grovetown, Georgia

This girl is the worst. She is a master manipulator. She uses people to get and use drugs. We were together for awhile and she cheated on me three times and gave me a std from being a gross heroin and meth addict. She always promises she’s clean and will even offer to take a drug test to prove it but she’s not. She lies constantly about everything and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Then she will move on after she has ruined your life to the next girl “she loves more than anything and will love forever”. She’s a terrible person and no one should ever date her unless they want to be dragged into her dramatic life. If you are with you her you are in for alot of crap. Her stealing from you, having to take care of her when she gets sick from drugs, having to take her to the hospital when she ODs and has seizures. She is a abusive, narcissistic, manipulative, drug user and she will never change.