Cheaters Sheena Golik

Sheena Golik – Illinois

what can I say…This chick is without hte biggest ho you’d ever meet. When I meet her I didn’t know she had a reputation for being a bar sl**.Needless to say she came up to me @ the village in wauconda back in june 05. Seemed like a nice girl a little young but she seemed sweet. She gave me her number and we dated for 8 months but she was always hangin out with people I wouldn’t say were good for here. She wasn’t ready to settle down so when I came home from training for my new biz I didn’t return her calls. well she called me for months askin what she did wrong…. didn’t want to hurt her feelings and tell her she was to wild…welll 6 months later ran into her mom…she said sheena was doing much better had a job and her own place. at that point I still had feeling for her but wasn’t sure about it. went ot see her..was workin @ toms tapper barrel in dive livin in a basement in son sh** hole..