Cheaters Shawna (Carlson) Lerfald

Shawna (Carlson) Lerfald — Pequot Lakes, Minnesota

Shawna Lerfald fancies herself as a mother, grandma, and wife. What Shawna fails to mention is that she is a lying adulteress who even admitted so in a court of law. Shawna has no regard for her family by stating that she doesn’t regret the actions of her adultry even after knowing how badly it hurt her husband and children. She works every day in the Pequot Lakes area in the trades and works with men on a daily basis so this is a legit public service announcement for all the wonderful women, mothers and wives that are faithful to their marriages and deserve to know who women like this really are. She is a calculated seductress that doesn’t take NO for an answer, just ask the married man she seduced. After two years of making passes at him, rubbing up on him to remove his garbage or making his coffee every morning for him she was able to trick the married man into believing that his wife was not the best thing for him. Her favorite phrase to the married man was, “I would do anything for you”. She sure did, after 1 1/2 years of efforts she was able to get him wasted and “do anything for him” aka oral sex. She admitted this and almost had a glow to her when telling the story. On that night that she finally got him, the married mans wife was running errands with their three children. You won’t see her around town celebrating her achievements as a adultress and wrecker of lives of not only her family but of the married mans family because she appears innocent and trustworthy. The married mans wife suspected that she had a “crush” on the married man and even went to coffee with her to discuss this after finding inappropriate texts from Shawna to the married man on his phone. The married man never responded to those texts and never deleted them. He wasn’t worried about his wife seeing them because nothing was going on. At this point nothing was. Shawna professed to the married mans wife that she knew it looked bad but that there was nothing going on and that she didn’t have any feelings for the married man. Later after the seductions were confirmed the married man told his wife that Shawna told him that His wife was not nice and not happy with her and that she would Love to give him oral sex because his wife said that she would rather have that happen to her marriage then find out about an emotional affair. Who knew that this would be the opening she would use To have her way with the married man. Shawna filed a restraining order against the married mans wife which was denied by a judge since there was no harassment of threats made. That wasn’t acceptable to Shawna so she filed a hearing so that the married mans wife would have to attend court. The married mans wife had to take unpaid leave to attend the mandatory court hearing and to top it off was served papers at 10 pm in the night by a deputy for her entire family to see and hear. Those poor babies! The court hearing went forward and this is where she admitted to lying to both her husband and the married mans wife about her adultry. For a second time there was no proof the married mans wife ever harassed or threatened Shawna and the court dismissed her request again for a final time. The married mans wife has NEVER harassed or threatened her. The story is deeper and more disgusting but I think the picture has been painted. Shawna Lerfald is a lying adultress that has no regard for other women, their children or families. Keep your husbands close to you and beware of her.