Cheaters Shawn Potwin

Shawn Potwin — Wake Forrest, North Carolina

This POS looks all Innocent right but he was screwing my wife for a year. He lived up the street from us. This cool guy is a convicted sex criminal. He was convicted of a sex offense with a 17 year old when he was 27 years old. Google him it’s an interesting read. I just don’t understand why he didn’t have to register as a Sex Offender. He was a Marine and is a disgrace to the Corps. This loser has a wife and 3 kids. His wife and kids are nuts too. He is a local business man and screws anything that walks from what I hear. My wife thinks it’s ok to have our young children around him. They are both pieces of crap. All they are worried about is sex and themselves trust me buddy she ain’t that good. If you like my seconds have fun but wear a condom for sure. Shes cheated on me before with any guy that walks. His ex is suing my ex wife for alienation of affection which affects my kids. I am suing him too he just doesn’t know it yet. But he will. I have three years to do it and I want him to worry about it. An eye for an eye right it’s only fair. His ex is crazy and is putting my children at risk but who cares right as long as he gets his dick wet. What ever happened to bro code asshole.