Cheaters Shawn Eberhardinger

Shawn Eberhardinger — Palm Coast, Florida

I was married to this man Shawn Eberhardinger for 7 years. He cheated on me with 5 different woman. He would also leave me every year and date someone and then come back a month later. All together there was probally about 25 that he had an affair with. When I finally left him he started harassing me and stalking me on Facebook calling me non stop so I blocked his number. I blocked him on Facebook, and then he made fake Facebook’s started harassing me and my friends. Then he started dating a new girl and he’s cheated on her with the same girls he cheated on me with. When she was in the hospital having their baby he tried to have sex with me and I turned him down. He’s having sex with ex’s while they are engaged. This man has cheated on everyone he has ever been with and it’s time someone brings him to justice.