Cheaters Shaunda Melton/ Palota Taamu

Shaunda Melton/ Palota Taamu – Florida

Shaunda Melton was in a relationship with Palota Taamu. Shaunda and Palota moved from Myrtle Beach SC to East Manatees Bradenton Florida. They being in a relationship for three some years until Palota decided to move on with his life. Palota has been physically and mentally abused by Shaunda. She will humiliate him and call him names in public or in front of her family. She will beat him up with anything she can get her hands on like 2×4 wood, beer bottles etc… in front of her kids. Shaunda will get very violent when she mix alcohol and narcotic. One time Shaunda hit Palota mouth with a full bottle of water and broke his tooth. Couple times she try to run him over with her car and frighten his life that if he ever trays to live her. While all this drama is going on Shaunda was still a married woman. Shaunda was still married to a former NYPD Mr David Heine from Myrtle Beach SC. Mr Heine has no idea what was going on until now. We all used to live in a same condominium complex but different condo. Shaunda is a very unstable registered nurse with bad intention. She’s a Scam and a Con-Artists! Shaunda was arrested in Myrtle Beach SC for stealing more than $500,000.00 from a elderly couple from Ohio.