Cheaters Shaunda Melton Heine

Shaunda Melton Heine – Florida

Palota Taamu from Samoa was engaged to Shaunda Melton Heine.They plan to get married but the problem was that Shaunda Melton Heine was still married to a former NYPD her husband Mr David Heine. Palota and Shaunda live together as a couple since the Summer of 2014 in Myrtle Beach SC. While before they move to Bradenton Florida Shaunda was arrested in Myrtle Beach SC accused of stealing 500,000.00 from a Elderly Couple from Ohio. Palota decided to move on because he doesn’t want to be part of Shaunda’s criminal activities and her physical abuse. Chief hope she do the right thing in Life. The Bible said” Truth Shall Set You Free”