Cheaters Shaun Marenich

Shaun Marenich — Port Huron, Michigan

This “man” Shaun Marenich is 32 years old and lives off of his girlfriendS! He was sleeping with 4 women at the same time! He had a 4 year relationship with one girl and won’t even admit he had sex with her! When he was confronted he hid behind Hosie Josie (pic above) and let her fight his battle! Then he CRAWLED back to the mother of one of his children and told her this was all a mistake and a big misunderstanding. He lied about having cancer to one girlfriend! CANCER! The vehicle he was driving was his other girlfriends! He was living with both mothers of his children at the same time and was having sex with 4 different women! Whoes to say there’s not more! This “man” is disgusting truly a waste of air! A poor excuse for a man and an even worse excuse of a father!!!