California Shaun Fick and Paulette Payne

Shaun Fick and Paulette Payne – California

Shaun Fick has been cheating on his wife of 13yrs for over 4mths with Paulette Payne. Paulette Payne was cheating on her husband and left her 2 children to live with Shaun Fick. Shaun Fick would rather spend time with his nasty side chick than his 3 children. This was the 2nd time Shaun Fick has cheated on his wife, she made the mistake of forgiving him after the 1st time 9 yrs ago when she was pregnant. This might not have been the first time Paulette cheated, she is a home wrecker and wanted Shaun’s wife to find out about the affair so she could have him. He is not only a pathological liar, he also is mentally ill and apparently gullible enough to believe Paulette’s lies.