Cheaters Shariah Kotero

Shariah Kotero — Bolingbrook, Illinois

This women Shariah Kotero lives in Plainfield IL and works at Iron Mountain at Bolingbrook IL with my husband. She has four kids with two different man. She was married to both of them and she couldn’t keep any of those marriages. Now with the cold blood she is destroying my family. First time I found out about their affair at the end of November 2015. She knocked on my door because my husband after he left home and went to live with her for a month decided to come back to his family. I let her in to my home and talk to her for over an hour. She told me that they are together since may. She told me about what they were doing durning work hours at the work place, in the bathroom, on the parking. She told me that several times when I was absent she came to my house and fuck my husband in the bedroom next to the bedroom where my 4 months old baby was sleeping. I wanted to confront her story with my husband story. So we all met and he in from of me told her that he has no feelings toward her, that for him it was just a fun and escape from everyday problems.

That he should finish this affair long time ago but it was just convenient for him to run to her when he had problems at home. She left angry saying that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him no more. After that my husband beg for forgiveness, he cried, he apologized, he promised that he will never do it again. I took him back. Our life slowly got back to normal. Till may everything looked good. In may I found out that my husband lied to me about traning trip. He didn’t go for any training he went for a little getaway with her. After I found out he moved out of the house again. Of course went back to live with her. Week after that we had some family emergency situation so he had to come back home. The night he came back this women sent me all she got. Their pictures together, 103 pages of whatsapp conversations, 10 minutes video of them having sex. Who does that? Now from what I know she is still going after my husband. Texting him, calling him, approaching him at work trying to talk. I really really hope for him that he is not that stupid to talk to her ever again. And you slut remember: karma is a bitch, and when it finally hit you I will be there just in case it needs help!