Cheaters Shannon Shulenberger

Shannon Shulenberger — Salisbury, North Carolina

Also known as Shannon Nicole or Shannon Lane. This woman has been married twice. She lied and cheated on both husbands. Her second husband left her after he found her cheating. She has since been with MULTIPLE men some of whom we’re married and/or attached. She lies trying to convince people that her husband is the one that cheated, and calls his girlfriend a homewrecker. Her reasoning for this is because, “He would have come back to me if he hadn’t met her, so she broke up my marriage.” She has gone so far as too stalk, torment and harass the poor girl. She refuses to divorce her husband just so that she can torment her ex and his upgraded girlfriend. But truth be told, Shannon has actually broken up a marriage because she is after the man’s money. She has a boyfriend now, but is still seeing the man with that was married on the side. It was even rumoured that she was fired from her job at the AT&To store for sleeping with married customers. She is a list and a manipulator, and will sleep with anyone if she thinks she can get something out of it. Shell even sleep with the fathers of her children’s friends. Be Ware!