Cheaters Shannon Renault Carter

Shannon Renault Carter — Yukon, Oklahoma

I thought my ex-husband and I were actually working on a reconciliation. We had been married for almost 8 years. I sacrificed the chance to have kids for him. Even though we were divorced, we were still living together and had talked about me getting insemination. Apparently that was a big lie. Because as I was going to my counseling sessions and getting ready for my insemination, he was busy screwing our mutual friend and co-worker. Shannon Carter has known about our relationship for years. In fact, she many over has said that we didn’t belong with each other and how she could never put up with him. Well apparently she can put up with just fine laying on her back as she does with all her previous relationships. Then this cunt feels like she has a right to tell me to move on. Was she gracious enough to move on when she was dating a married man for 8 years? Furthermore, these are the things that my husband has said about her- 1. She’s a lying hypocritical quack for going to LifeChurch while she was sleeping with a married man. He couldn’t stand how hypocritical she was. 2. He didn’t care about their “honest friendship” 3 years ago when he knew that the guy she was seeing had been exposed to STDs and he kept silent about how the dude was just out to use her. He actually thought she was dumb to fall for the guy. 3. He didn’t want her son who had just gotten out of jail to be around his kids. 4. Said he felt sorry for any guy that dated her after her ex…he was sure she would be “cavernous and stretched out”. That’s just a few of the grievances that’s he’s made about the love of his life now. Who’s the lying hypocrite now?