Cheaters Shannon Craig

Shannon Craig — Palmyra, Pennsylvania

Oh boy where do I start. Shannon Craig likes to ruin other people’s lives instead of looking in the mirror at her own pathetic fake life. She’s married to someone in politics and the Air national guard. So you know when he’s away you can only imagine what she does with her time. If she’s not hooking up with girls secretly she’s on sex sites showing her body to other men and having online sex with them. She has a thing for the foreign ones;) living a fake life behind your husbands back is exactly what she’s doing. Admitting to liking women more than men but too embarrassed to say anything? I mean who could when your husband and yourself are on the board for Palmyra school district. Don’t let her fool you, the nice girl thing is just an act. She’s a cheating lying sociopath behind closed doors. Warning don’t be her friend, because she isn’t afraid to try and get you in her bed. You can’t tell her anything or she’ll take it, twist it and tell the whole world in her own lying words. Beware! She’s not the kind of person to have in your life at all, unless you like someone that’s two faced and will talk behind your back when it’s convenient for her! Don’t ever take her out drinking because she’ll probably try to sleep with you even though her husband is away fighting for our country. I guess her fake life is working out for her ?