Cheaters Shania Tilly

Shania Tilly — Lawrenceville, Georgia

She’s 20 or 19 some around there her name is Shania Tilly. I’ll post some pictures, her phone and address here in a bit. My husband came clean to me a little over a week ago and since then this dope whore, is now pregnant. Though she has not once produced any piece of information proving the fact. Supposedly she had an appointment this morning for one reason or another. I don’t care. It had come to light that my husband was not the only male she has slept with and actually had to go get STD testing because of unprotected sex with another guy recently. Now I get it my husband cheated it takes two to tango. But don’t try to claim you are pregnant with his child when you are a promiscuous little girl, and not even have the balls to show proof, dates, gestational age etc.. And when asked questions you want to play little games like we talked about this and only answer questions with more questions. Take responsibility for your whore behavior and maybe you would have a shot a redemption.