Canada Shane William Wallace

Shane William Wallace – Victoria, Canada

You meet a guy, Similarities are shared like the same birthday perhaps or the same wine. However soon you witness a drunk behind the man and soon your Jekyll becomes Mr Hyde. This is man is a shape shifter of sinister sorts. He will cook for you yes, (try not to break your teeth on the glass he adds for flavour), He will embarrass you at family camping trips because he thinks your staring at a family friend. disappear without notice, Or say he’s taking a walk only to drink more and talk to himself. This guy explains all of his stories in life. over and over again. he Will become so drunk to the point of abuse to everyone around him including himself. He portrays to be spiritually fit while attacking people who are actually spiritually sane. He recently stole my car at 3am and drove it to the top of a hill, where I am employed and threw the keys, house keys attached, into the ocean. ( all because I was tired and didn’t want to sleep with him) Please ladies beware as this childish person disguised as a man. He is in no sense of the word rational. He will use anything you have told him in confidence against you. truly evil is his spirit.