Canada Shane Menzak

Shane Menzak — Breton, Alberta Canada

Shane Menzak had a wife and 4 children. Well, technically he still does have a wife as he’s not divorced yet. December 1, 2016 he didn’t come home so I went looking for him and found his truck outside Sheri Dubec’s house in Stony Plain. She was so purposeful in “stealing my man” that she answered the door naked while I watched Shane run down her back hallway in his underwear. By August/September of 2017, Shane was having sex with his married co-worker Catherine Wolski. They were meeting during the day since their job working out of their trucks allowed so much flexibility and almost no accountability. That way they could hide their adultery from their spouses. At least until I found all the text messages and the cum stains on the front seat of Shane’s truck. With the support of his parents and sister, Shane decided to abandoned his wife and 4 children by November 2017. Currently he’s refusing to pay child support.