Cheaters Shana Henry

Shana Henry — Calhoun, Georgia

My husband and I have been on the rocks. We have been stressed out by some recent hardships and haven’t been connecting as much as we used to. Shana met my husband at the nursing home. He was visiting his mother and she happened to be the nurse. Even though she knew that he was married, she baited him. She tried to get him to go have coffee with her several times. She had his cell phone number from his mother’s charts and began to text him. At first it was about his mother, but then about trying to get him alone with her. My husband was a good man, and he showed me the texts so I could see that it was her making advances towards him and not the other way around. Shana continued to text my husband. Soon the texts turned into phone calls and then harassing him when he would go to visit his mother. Finally, we had to call the police to see how we could get her to leave him alone. Just beware of this woman. She is after wither sex or money and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.