Cheaters Shalease Garner Juarez

Shalease Garner Juarez — Idaho Falls, Idaho

I wish I was making this up. Shalease Garner Juarez is from Idaho Falls, Idaho and works at Walmart. She will sext and fuck her blood relatives, married ones at that! While also being married with children, herself. I have no doubt she would fuck anything that walked, so watch out. Even if you think you are safe because she is “family” or a friend, like I did. I am married to a blood relative of hers, and caught sexts between them. She then created a fake facebook profile and professed her love for him, stating that she would “wait forever” for him, etc. Umm, sorry to break it to you hunny, he never planned to ever leave me for you, you were just a distraction from this fucked up life we all lead. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? My husband has serious issues, no doubt, and is in intensive psychotherapy for his fucked up shit that we now know goes all the way back to his childhood. Shalease continues the charade and sees nothing wrong with this deluded fairytale she believes in, nothing wrong with fucking a blood relative, or ruining marriages when they are vulnerable and destroying families. She really needs to seek professional help, like my husband is, before she destroys even more lives with her presence. They come from a very fucked up family……..hindsight is SUCH a bitch. I don’t know if my husband and I will make it through this, but I do know that if you are an unfortunate friend or acquaintance of this woman, don’t say you weren’t warned. Not to mention, incest is a punishable crime, yo. Just throwin’ that out there…